DVD duplication

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DVD duplication
dvd copying
dvd replication

DVD duplication and printing

DVD duplication involves the same process as its CD counterpart, with quantities of up to five hundred units being the most financially viable option. Using automatic, robotic disc loading units, we provide a rapid, affordable DVD duplication service.

We can offer a superior product because we use top of the range, high specification machinery to carry out the work, as well as the best DVDs for copying and printing quality. Because more data can fit onto this type of media, customers generally expect to be waiting longer for their DVD duplication job to be fulfilled. This is simply not the case with us, again, due to our investment in multiple automated machines.

Every DVD duplication job receives the same care and attention to detail. To start with, we only use the best quality media. Its false economy for us to use cheap discs for DVD duplication, as our production line will only reject most of this type of disc anyway. There are constant checks being carried out by the DVD duplication software on our units the moment a ‘global image´ is taken of your master disc. From here, every copy that´s created is compared to the original data file on the machines hard drive. It is then verified to double check for errors before the DVD duplication process is completed.

Below is some information regarding checks that you might want to make with your master copy before sending it to us for DVD duplication. Depending on what data you have on your master disc, it´s important to check it before posting. This is particularly important with films/video as they might need to be played on a computer as well as a DVD player. Obviously you won´t want DVD duplications made from a faulty master - so check, check and double check it on all the computers and players you can get your hands on.

DVD Duplication prices start at 98 pence per disc for 500 copies. The minimum order for DVD duplication is usually fifty, but exceptions can be made if lower numbers are needed. Please call with your requirements. Also, please note that the above price for DVD duplication is subject to change and may go up (or down) depending on manufacturing prices at the current time. DUPLICATION STATION is passionate about giving you the fastest turnaround times with the best quality discs and best customer service. We hope you´ll choose our DVD duplication service today!

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