CD duplication prices, DVD duplication prices

Please see below for basic CD and DVD duplication prices. These prices may go up (or down) from when this page was uploaded, so to be safe, please call us or request a quote from the contact us page.

CD duplication and printing prices

50 discs = 1.06p each

100 discs = 89p each

200 discs = 85p each

300 discs = 81p each

400 discs = 77p each

500 discs = 72p each

DVD duplication and printing prices

50 discs = 1.27p each

100 discs = 1.10p each

200 discs = 1.06p each

300 discs = 1.02p each

400 discs = 98p each

500 discs = 94p each

All prices exclude VAT

For more specific requirements, please go to the contact us page and fill out the quote form, or call us for a no obligation chat.