Setting up CD and DVD artwork ready for printing

Here at Duplication Station, we've come to realize that most people want their CD/DVD copying job as quickly as possible. To achieve the fastest turnaround time, it's imperative that you supply your CD/DVD artwork ( or cd booklet / dvd wap artwork ) with the correct dimensions, in the preferred resolution and in the file format we can work with.

Please note: We do not colour match on body CD/DVD's with inlays. All prints can expect a variance of up to 5% in colour between paper and disc prints. Please request a proof where relevant.

Our Artwork/Templates

Standard coverage full colour print for CD / DVD template

CD / DVD on-disc print templates
Downloadable artwork files. ...more

CD Booklet single page

Booklets and tray inserts
A selection of artwork templates for CD / DVD cases ...more