Duplication Station provides a CD/DVD copying service along with on disc printing, paper printing of inserts/booklets and DVD wraps and cases/packaging.

Quality is very important to us, along with competitive prices.
If money's tight, we´ll recommend the cheapest options for you, without ever trying to make you spend more than you want. If you´re not on a budget, our top of the range packages will definitely impress.

Our Services

CD duplication

CD Duplication
The most cost effective way of copying a lower number of discs is CD duplication. ‘Lower numbers’ usually means up to 500 discs. DUPLICATION STATION ...more

DVD duplication

DVD Duplication
DVD duplication involves the same process as its CD counterpart, with quantities of up to five hundred units being the most financially viable ...more

CD business card next to standard size CD

CD business cards
One of the most effective marketing tools that can be deployed in any organization, be it large or small, is the business card. Why not take it a ...more

mini cd next to standard size cd

Mini CD Duplication
The Mini cd, also known as the 80mm cd, is the smaller version of the standard 120mm disc. Data capacity is 184mb, or if you require music copying ...more

Vinyl look CD duplication

Vinyl look CDs
Vinyl style CD's have the look and feel of an old 45 record, but small enough of course, to fit into a CD player. They even have grooves in the ...more

Standard cd jewel case

A choice of CD and DVD cases to protect your discs. ...more

Paper inserts and booklets

Paper inserts
Printed paper inserts to complement your discs ...more

We don't just print and copy discs. We print and copy on good old paper and card too! In fact over the last 10 years, we're proud to say ...more