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We provide a CD / DVD duplication and replication service, along with DVD and CD printing to bands, recording studios, film makers & photographers throughout the UK.

It's not just bands that benefit from our service. Any industry that uses optical media as a marketing tool will benefit from our service. We take pride in our attention to detail and the quality of our products, with our CD duplication and DVD duplication process going through a number of strict checks to ensure every single disc is perfect. All data on each disc is computer checked and all DVD printing / CD printing is hand checked by humans! Quality is our No1 priority with all our CD duplication, DVD duplication, CD printing and DVD printing production.

As well as quality, it´s important to us that we keep the cost down for our customers. Nobody wants to pay more than they have to. So we'll never try to persuade you into having more copies than you need. Whether it´s 50 cd duplications you're after, or a 500 dvd duplication and printing job, we'll advise you on that.

CD Duplication

Our prices are keen, as we use the best quality media at the lowest prices. Because we order thousands of blank discs at a time (to use for all our CD duplication work) the savings we make in our own costs can then be passed on to you, our customer. So the cost-per-disc is as low as possible. This makes us one of the most competitive company´s for CD duplication in the UK! Call us for a quote or fill in our contact form, letting us know the details of your duplication requirements.

DVD Duplication

Again, in exactly the same way, because we are able to order such large quantities of blank discs for DVD duplication, our prices are kept low, which is great for you! To give you a general idea, we´ve put a few examples of costs on our prices page. About half way down you´ll see DVD duplication prices. Please let us know if you have something specific in mind though, like jewel cases, DVD cases or plastic wallets.

CD printing / DVD printing

You may just require duplication with plain silver discs. Usually though, as well as CD duplication or DVD duplication, you´ll want your discs printing. We´ve spent years perfecting our cd printing process. In the past, high quality used to mean premium cost, which made it hard to be competitive. But when we tried to cut down on costs - for example, to produce cheap DVD printing, we found the print to be unsatisfactory. We´re now in the position where we can confidently say that our DVD printing and CD printing is of the highest quality but still at a price that makes it cost effective for you.

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