mini cd next to standard size cd

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mini cd next to standard size cd
80cm cd
mini cd duplication and print

Mini CD and DVD duplication

The Mini cd, also known as the 80mm cd, is the smaller version of the standard 120mm disc. Data capacity is 184mb, or if you require music copying onto the discs, 21 minutes and 50 seconds of audio is the most you will be able to fit on.

Full colour printing directly onto the surface of the mini cd is available. We´ve seen some clever design work by some of our customers to make use of the smaller printable area. Design templates for mini cds are available on the Duplication Station website so you can produce accurate artwork ready for printing. We can supply you with various packaging options for your mini cds, like clear plastic wallets, paper wallets, midi jewel cases, colour card wallets, whatever best suits your product.

Musicians and bands use mini cds for ‘single releases´ or just for something a little different to sell at their gigs. The small size of the discs can be handy when space is an issue, and for promotional mail shots, the lighter weight of mini cds is another advantage. They can be easily fitted into small brochures for mailshots and don´t forget, if you need extra capacity, the mini dvd can hold 1.4GB of information. And finally, as well as all the above information and marketing ideas that are mentioned above, there´s still one undeniable fact; they do look cute. When a mini cd or dvd is handed out, or lands on someone´s desk, it cant fail to bring a smile to the face.

Please note, mini cd's do not work in car players or computers that do not use a tray, but 'pull' the disc into the player when offered up - i.e. Apple Macs.

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