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Are some CD / DVD discs better quality than others? ...read answer

Yes! Some discs are very cheap indeed. Its always tempting to go for the cheapest option, but over the years we've found that cut price discs equals a cut price product. As a company, we're simply not prepared to let our customers pay for anything less than an excellent product! Imagine if you're a musician and the owner of a record label is trying to listen to your masterpiece in his car, only to throw it out of his window in disgust when it doesn't work. Or if you're a software company trying to send out a message of quality and reliability, its hard to imagine a better way to shatter that image than for your CD-ROM to fail in a computers drive! We use 'A-grade' media, the most reliable possible. Not the cheapest, but the best.


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So which is the best: CD-Rs/DVD-Rs that are created by 'burning' or discs that have a glass master made and then 'stamped'? ...read answer


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