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CD or DVD replication is the process of producing discs with the content pressed into them, using a glass master. 

From the Glass Master a set of "stampers" are made. The stampers or moulds are the blueprint for the CD / DVD replication process. Stampers are mounted into a High Tech injection mould machine. In the moulding process, a replica of the mould is created in the form of a 4.75 (120 mm) plastic disc. The formed disc is then coated with a micro-thin reflective layer of aluminum.

The final stage of the CD / DVD replication process involves the application of a protective lacquer that is spun onto the disc and then hardened by ultraviolet (UV) light. The replication process is now complete. All processes are performed in-line to ensure quality, accuracy and speed from start to finish.

The minimum quantity for replication is 500 discs. The reason for this is that whilst the setup cost of producing a glass master and formatting the machines for your job is high, the cost of producing each unit after that is very low.

Simply put: Under 500 units - the cheapest option is to have your discs duplicated. Over 500 units - the most cost effective method for you will be replication.


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